My London Trip

Got back early afternoon to Leeds after a pleasant train journey from London.

Took off Friday to travel down, and arrived early afternoon. Wandered down from Kings X to the British Museum and spent a happy 2 hours looking round the west wing and all the ancient sculptures. Met Monsieur Cabbage and went for a coffe and chat. Then onto a Sam Smith’s Pub ironically called the Bricklayer’s arms. Then onto a mexican bar to meet some of Cab’s PhD friends. The friends were lovely, the bar less so.

Woke early Saturday to get to Dragonmeet, which fully lived upto my expectations as a nice way to round of the RPG convention year (which doesn’t kick in again until next April 🙁 ). Ran my Gurps Ancient Rome Scenario, which was a alot of fun, and one I’ll do again. Then went to China Town and had a Chinese with the lads from the Cult of Keepers because it was Mike Mason’s birthday. Had a lovely meal with alot of old friends and made some new ones. Tres cool. Then made it back to Highgate in North London to met Cabbage, who had been working on his PhD thesis (which has to be handed in on Dec 17th!), for a couple of quiet beers.

Another early start to catch a train at 9 back to Leeds. When I got here I said a quick hello to a very sleepy Rach. She was awake enough to demand her presents ;a pottery Feng Shui Cat, that goes in the NW corner of a room and promotes good health, and a book on the history of cats. Both bought from the British Museum. Then I’ve predicably spent the rest of the day playing Halflife 2 and doing a miniscule amount of housework.

Overall a very good weekend.

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