Off to London

Well I’m getting ready to go to London to run games at Dragonmeet.

Fairly apprehensive at the moment, since;

1. Ive not heard back from Cabbage who I’m staying with.

2. Despite heavy drinking I’ve got to get up early on both Saturday (day of the con) and Sunday (to catch my cheap train home).

3. I’ve never run the game ( a Roman adventure set in the Late Republic, none of this swords and sorcery rubbish*) or the system (GURPS) before.

4. Its London, and even bigger than Manchester which has currently been freaking me out.

5. The Good Lady of Smethurst (t’wife) is doing 7 night shifts in a row starting with tonight. I like a bastard am going away while she is feeling shakey about it.

However I shouldn’t be freaking out since I can counter each of these worries.

1. This is fairly typical. I’ve left messages he’ll probably ring back when I’m just pulling into London.

2. Once the adrenalin kicks in I shouldn’t have a problem dealling with this. Might have the shakes slightly and need to drink tons of water but I’ll cope. Of course I could do the sensible and mature thing and sup not down.

3. Again I’ve pulled this one off before. Plus I’ve spent three months preping for this game amd GURPS is not the most difficult system in the world.

4. Hey its London. Its a circus enjoy!! Go to Camden Market or the British Museum. Stare at people on the tube, say nooooo in a broad Yorkshire accent in the pub.

5. Little Rach will be alright. In fact she’ll probably enjoy it. Thats why she’s doing Midwifery. Besides I’m only a phone call away and back on Sunday.

So I’m going to sign off now and spend some quality me time doing exercise and meditation, before shooting off to the train station.

So my message today is; Relax and feel the power of slack!!

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