Man killed by flying toilet

OMG! Notched up another point on the geek rating last night. Got the recently released Half-life 2 Death Match working on my PC, after said pc crashing mid install (grr), and after 30 minutes of playing managed to achieve what I set out to do.

Kill some one with a toilet!

A short explaination perhaps is required. HL2 is a 3D first person shooter. You maybe familiar with them. Corridors, rooms, lots of guns and monsters to shoot at. Well one of the ground breaking features, is that you can pick up (and often break) objects, such as bottles, breize blocks, planks, tables etc. Since HL2 also uses a physics engine to model things such as falling and thrown objects, you can throw things as well. Of course you can’t pick up unaided things like tables and breize blocks, but there is a wonderful weapon called the Gravity gun. This lets you pick up objects and throw them at high velocity at your opponents. The map I was playing on had a ruined shower block, there was lose toilets hanging off the wall. You see where this is going…….

They spent six years of game development on HL2, a budget of millions and this is what tickles my fancy.

HL2 the good times are here again 🙂

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