My what a weird weekend

…or rather lack of one. Busy plodding away at my Litrature Review for my Masters….so while Rach has been to her parents for her dads’ birthday…and the rest of the world went on the piss last night…I stayed in hammering the keyboard.

Much the same up 9ish…watched the end of this mornings Dr Who Omnibus..then by 10 I was at it again.

Had some human contact around lunch time when a pair of mad christians (you know the “were so normal you can see the absence of any soul” type) came round doing a “community survey” since which ever mad soul less sect they belong to is thinking of setting up a church in the area.

Classic Q&A session though from the half-brain dead Mr Newt though;

Q. “What do you think needs doing in the local area”

My answer “Unblocking the drains during summer….well they smell bad”

Q. “Why do you think people don’t go to Church”

My answer “Because they are not Christians”

oh yes hours of soul sapping fun.

They disappeared, after having the cheek to ask my name (no I’m not having you round again….being all familiar and trying to convince me to join your mad cult) and I got back to work .

About 5 Rachel returned home….and I reallised how cranky I was. Have been destressing ever since…just had a lovely bath…a nice chinese take out is also on the cards…

Then back to the Front….

(work work work work work. etc etc)

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