For no particular reason.

Got the first of my assignments for my Masters finished yesterday, which was cool seeing as I am now handing in at least one a week, and then exams…then a quick holiday at the end of June…and then working on my project until Mid September.

However things are going 2000% less stressfully than last time round (Jan/Fe).

Today has been strange, half aware due to fighting of this viscous cold that is going round at the mo, Rachel has come down with it and is not at all pleasant. So been taking it easy with a bit of reading for the course and a redesign of my homepage. Adding some groovy Java applets (guess who is doing a course in Java this term) and have drastically modified the look, well got rid of the annoying background. Well it was driving even me nuts. Also sorting out the loading time problems. Part of which seems to be the fact that all the content is in one table on the index page, and that the news is fetched from the site (I don’t use a New script, I have a Web log which I can pull here using some Java script). Therefore the index page takes ages to load, since everything in the table has to be loaded before it is displayed. Solution is to break up the table, in fact only the Title picture & banner (in one) and the buttons(in another) are in tables now. The next thing I need to look into is sorting out either a client program to write to a text or XML file on my web page, to take the place of Live Journal . Then the latest round of web slowness should be over.

BTW I’ve had 4.5 cloves of garlic in my tea tonight


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