Back to Reality?

I haven’t written anything in a while because I have only just returned to reality after a blissful week at Centre Parcs in Norfolk. Man did I need it. Just after Xmas to the end of Jan, was a bad time at work for Rach and the end of my first semester, so assignments galore. It was a time that I now refer to as the “Black Hole”. The holiday was really nice and relaxing, lots of trees, wildlife, watersides. Had an ace Shiatsu
massage…I would recommend it to anyone ( I have LYMPH NODES….and they
were DRAINED!!!). Really bizarre coming back to the hustle and bustle of Leeds. A little voice in my head keeps on telling me to relax and let it flow and so far I’m remembering to listen.

The course is getting really intense, the last batch of assignments proved
that I couldn’t leave it to the last moment and stay sane. However it still
remains a much happier affair than being a Filing Monkey. Certainly doing
the rounds in learning programming languages. Last term got a foot in the
door in C++ ,SQL and Z, this term learning Java, XML and some Access
programming (muggins here is taking the Advanced Databases option). Also
taking the initiative to learn some Visual Basic, since I hear this is
useful out in the real world, and continue my C++ programming (since that’s
what computer games are written in).

Already beginning to think about getting a job in computing après le course
(well with a 10k Career Development loan one has to be forward thinking).
Got a bag full of pamphlets and books(!) from the Careers centre the other
day. Going to discuss my project and job placement over the summer with my
tutor tomorrow. I have to sort this out myself, and I think I have
a good enough idea. The main worry is that I may over stretch myself.

So life is a bit surreal at the moment, trying to see as many people as
possible since I haven’t seen them properly in 4 months or so (yup even Xmas
was a bit of a wash out on the socialising front), and getting used to being
able to do things other than assignments (but knowing head crunch time is
only 4 months away….and the more I get done now with reduce the pressure

Life is fun and bouncy, and when a hint of grey turns up in the day, all I
have to do is laugh and remember I chose it that way.

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