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I sent this to my friend Matty, and while I read I thought this pretty much summed up where I am at this stage:

Hope things are going well. Like the updated Crazed website, nice to see
that things are being said even if the product section is still
“Unfortunately Crazed is not able to disclose what products it is working on
at the moment.” (hee hee, if only the poor fools knew what was coming their
way). I hear you are kidnapping poor Yorkshire men to further your foul plans
(say hi to Ivan for me, and I hear Sweetie Pete is moving Londonwards, has
this transpired thus far?). Sorry I couldn’t make your house warming party
(but who was that sexy nurse, and what was up Father Keef’s dress?) but
things have been so hectic here might as well hide my head under a rock.
Hope you are settling in fine in the new castle for Becky & Matt, and not
missing the joys of living next to one of Britain’s few fully functional
Voodun temples.

Myself. Well kinda of brilliant to say the least. You can’t go wrong with
1.5 days of UNI, a large dose of mullah, and all the time in the world to
enjoy it (mmnn dope n’ beer n’ Unreal Tournament!). Occasionally I fail foul
of those “poor student me” thought forms, blaming Lecturers, the charming
course leader, no books in the Library on poor performance
day/week/month/lifetime.You know the general “University of Bums on Seats”
(http://www.cynicalbastards.com/ubs/) malaise. However I am bouyed on with
the scary knowledge of what I have learnt in the last two months. I am now
at the basic level of programming, lets just say I know my SQL from my C++
to know that one is a procedural language and one isn’t and that I need to
JOIN my SELECT statements at some stage to pass this module or that, WHILE
passing various parameters to FUNCTIONS, IF they indeed work. My struggle
,if such a thing really exists, is the general perversion of the course from
MSC Software Development to MSC Games Software Development.

And thus to the cut and thrust of my short epistle. I need your help, Do you
know of any good Academic Journals that feature articles on Games software
development, especially in the realm of how Hardware is related to Games
Software (Direct X, Open Gl and all that 3d card malarkey for example) Why do
I need to know this? Well for source material Master’s level
essays/dissertations. This is immediately pressing because the lecturer in
IS and Platform Technologies has decided that this level of reference is
required for our upcoming assessment (see the attached word document to see
how deep in the doo doo/totally triumphant I could be).

Would be very grateful for any suggestions and completely understanding if
none are forthcoming.

Hope you are well. Pass my regards to Becky.

Seeya on the darkside you irrepressible loon.

;O) Newt
“If you intend to fail, or fear that failure is inevitable, then stick to
unclear goals to hide your incompetence”



PS I promise I will try harder tomorrow.”

But then again things are bound to chage tomorrow.

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