Happy Birthday Guarddog!!!!

Guarddog, my webmaster at www.Frag-energy.com, is 17 today!!! And for a 17 year old he’s a very busy chap! He’s jsut updated the webdesign for Frag-Energy , since we are moving networks (previous one was a bit unsupported). Despite it being his birthday he’s been busy working away and updated the new site to include the “Beginner’s guide to MODs” that I have written. Probably the most hefty affair that I have written outside of my RPG stuff.

Check out the new site and my Guide at http://www.frag-energy.net/modguide.php

Lucky for him that he lives in the Netherlands, where the drinking age is 16!. , so hes all ready told me that he’s go silly amounts of beer.

Enjoy your day, and have a mellow one tomorrow (cos I gather that hangover is going to be huge!!)

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