Busy, busy busy Bed!

Though the mind and spirit are active the body is tired and craves bed.
So who I’m I not indulge my favorite physical entity.

But first what have I been up to.

Well first Rachel took me for a Birthday meal at Hansa’s, a vegetarian Indian Restaurant here in Leeds. The finest curry I have ever had, my stomach is still thanking me.

Those who know me, know that I’m into my Role playing Games, so I’ve designed a test site for WWW.MOTORTROLL.COM, which currently lives on my personal web page click here for a preview.
Its basically just a plan at the moment, so hopefully I’ll have time to put in some content in over the weekend. I’m going to mail some friends and get some feedback probably Sunday night. Also going to update my web site so that it loads faster, some more News items, rants and Spam of the week.

Looks like Frag-Energy is finally going to get moved to a new host and updated sometime next week, the webmaster got me to check the contract with the new network yesterday, so all those reviews I have written over the last month or so should get posted up soon. YAY!

Also while you’re at it check out my mate Ralph’s webpage for the up coming Dream Land ridge game, click here

Oh well time for bed

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