……2000 Birthday update

No George> He rang to say that he wasn’t coming. He had an earlier function which meant mingling with the second year students on his Fine Art Course. He said he mingled a lot and bought 12 cans of Stella…then he waffled on about bleaching his bath “its ace” he goes. Hee hee 🙂

Therefore me and the Good lady of Smethurst are having a quite night in on the pizza and beers…which is good.

Its been fun to write these entries, so I have made a decision to update my live journal much more often. In fact I seem to finally be in the mood to get down and do some serious keyboard bashing, My typing speed amazes me, compared to what it was a year ago. Sat down and finished off a seriously long article for Frag-Energy, yesterday, and bashed out another review in a under an hour. So watch out for more non-sense from monsieur Newt.

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