My New Life!

Guess what I’m not at work!!!

Had my leaving on Friday and that left me Green until pretty much

Had my first lectures on Tuesday, which was fun since the course leader is
making up the timetable as he goes along. So far I’ve had Software
development (programming in C++ whoo whoo Half-life Mod here i come!),
Databases (not as boring as I had first thought, since our lecturer is a
spit for Jeremy Clarkeson, bothe physically and personality!) and Project
Management for IT projects (for which the first half tutor was still abroad
on his holidays, so we where in at the deep end with the 7th lecture of the
course which scared the heck out of half the class). So the first day was

In again on Friday, for a half day, so have today and tomorrow off (as well
as Monday’s—do I hear the term Long Weekends?). Still finding it strange
and a bit difficult to adjust to the new regime. Quite literally don’t know
what day of the week it is. Monday my mind dealt with it by thinking I was
having a day off work, today I was unemployed. Oh well, things are settling
down now.

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