Strange but Amazing Times

It is the last days of my time in the Civil Service. The entrys in the Book Of Doom are getting fewer……Newtman is exiting the Civil Service for a less boring life. Can’t say im unhappy about it.

Registered yesterday the Leeds Metropolitian Uni, up at the Becketts’ Park. It was a weird experience. Damp and scruffy I arrived at the lush and picturesque Campus, most of the buildings seem to be from the Edwardian period, amongst of hordes of wannabe models, sport stars and trendy boy lads.

Went to the Grange where the Computer Dept is based, only to find that we were meant to be in another building. Oh well…I forgot the randomness and waiting around that happens with student life…much better than “I like to walk around, but I’m paid to sit around” of office culture.

Due to the non-materialization of the Tour, I walked over to my friends in Hyde Park who have just finished the course, who filled me in much more than the induction.

Then walked back, again thought the wind and rain ( I reckon I did the equivalent of a 10 mile hike that day) and Enrolled with the minimum of fuss..which was strange.

Had a quick beer in the Becketts Bar…and then went home.

Overall that feeling of infinite space is back and I like it.

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