Glad its all over

What’s over? Well the mad screaming race that my life had become in the last couple of months.

Keeping this journal has really helped me see the ride for what it was. My self pushing past the ego, to achieve however momentarily a sense of ego less releasing myself from the pit of self-indulgence letting me move on to greener pastures in my life.

That just seemed to come out of nowhere, as these things do.

Oh well 3 weeks before I start my course. Quietly confident now. Even if I don’t get there I have gained a lot.

Talking of the self-indulgent pit, work was particularly stinky today. I finally truly see it for what it is —-the section of Doom and Gloom “the section of Ego-full poor me”. Even if I am not getting on the Masters I am walking out of there.

And i mean walking out of there. I have gained so much confidence recently that I won’t hesitate to go for another job, and get it.

Any ways still totally tired from the weekend. I will post a write up of Gen-con the weekend because far too much happened, and not all of it makes sense, to make it a short article.

Any ways Mr Newt’s surfing the net and playing comp-games at the moment

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Also I just got another of my articles posted over at

So go and check out my review of Tactical ops.


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