Masterful Newt!!!

Well the big news of the week is that I got on the MSC in Software Design, that I applied for at Leeds Metropolitian University!!!

Currently basking in the glory of simply getting on the course, since I only got a Ordinary for my first degree. Would have had a lot to do with the fact that I was heavily involved in a Software Development Project last summer, from the users side. Now have to get the finances together, a Career Development loan, but feel quite happy and optimistic about that.

The best thing about going on this course, after it greatly increasing Game Designer aspirations, is that it gets me out of the beyond stupidly heavy period that is coming up at work, because of the dreaded PMS pilots (9 times as most)

Other big news this week is that I’ve been taken on as a staff member at a fan site, for First Person Shooter site, called Frag Energy. Last sunday I wrote a article about a Halflife Mod called “Gangsta Wars” which they put up and got a mention across the HL community. Oh my heart swelled with pride when I read a quick link in Planet Halflife…….yes I am sad I’ll stop now.

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