The Big weekend of Me!

Yup the Big Weekend of Me (BWM!) has begun. Currently in the last phases of bloke time, before the good Lady of Smethurst wakes up and demands her morning hugs. Couples eh?

Have already rekindled my love of Half-life, after months away in unreal Tournament land. UT may have smoother graphics better sound, excellent Bots, but it lacks a certain something……..SOUL! Downloading the latest patch for Half-life and then going to emabark upon a career as a HL mapper yay! This could lead to bigger things……

Had a bit of a grouch session about work unexpectaly when I had a few bevvies. The Lady Smethurst was a gem and patiently listened adviced, and suggested. have now decided to put in for a level transfer at work, for no matter what happens with the masters, I need to get out of my present section. The manaics are going to do third wave PMS pilots and it going to be at least three times as much work, even if we are on the ball, than last year which was a bitch. Darth Stevens already looks 5 years older.

So BMW! is well underway. Today I think I will focus on my games design stuff, whihc involves learning how to design Maps for HL, putting together a Game Design for a driving game I want to do, and an RPG Adventure for the Convention that I’m going to next weekend.

See ya later!

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